Program 2011

From the program 2011

The aesthetic charm of the cultural and musical events that take place in the garden of the muses in Hellenikon Idyllion, seldom extent to the limit, that Odysseus had to experience with the Sirenes!

Odysseus und die Sirenen",  1909,  H. Dreiper
Odysseus and the Sirenes", 1909, H. Dreiper

Preview Program 2011

First performance of  the opera „Helike Athanatos“  on March 26, 2011 in the cultural centre of Egion

After the concert on the 26th March in Εgiοn. From the left to the right: Mr. Takis Vassiliou (mayor of Diakofto), Maria Kanellopoulou (soprano), Dora Katsonopoulou (director of the archeological excavations), Stathis Theodorakopoulos (mayor of Egion), Hermann Rechberger (composer, prize winner of the competition), Vasso Psichrami (Cultural Referee of Egion), Andreas Drekis (Director of Hellenikon Idyllion and creator of the opera)

The Greek opera Singer Maria Kanelopoulou performed two songs from the opera “Helike Athanatos” in the cultural centre of Egion, accompanied by a finnish orchestra of 20 young musicians. The first air was the famous ancient greek poem of Sappho “the man, who is standing in front of me, resembles the gods” , the second one was the final love song “Helike Athanatos”, written in contemporary Greek by Andreas Drekis.

The orchestration was arranged by Herman Rechberger, who, together with the Greek composer Tania Sikelianou won the first prize of the competition for composition of the ancient Greek opera. Present in the audience were not only the mayor of Egion and other public figures, but also Dora Katsonopoulou, director of the archaeological excavation regarding the los ancient Greek city “Helike”. A speech about the origins and the development of the project was delivered by Andreas Drekis, the creative director and host of the competition for the setting of the ancient Greek libretto by Dr. phil. Franz Knappig.

The great performance of the soloist and the successful orchestration gave rise to enthusiastic applause in the audience. In addition to the two songs mentioned, pieces of Finnish and Greek music, as well as dance performances were presented. Currently every effort is made to perform the whole opera in september at different historical sights all over Greece as the result of an international musical cooperation.


13th-16th June 2011

The youth symphony orchestra with 90 members of the music school Neckarsulm for the third time with us, director: Jochen Hennings.

YSO Program 2011

  • Giuseppe Verdi - Marsch aus "Aida"
  • FFelix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Hochzeitsmarsch aus "Ein Sommernachtstraum"
  • Jean Sibelius - Finlandia op. 26 Tondichtung für Orchester
  • Elias Andriopoulos - Odes von Andreas Kalvos
  • O Filtrati Patris
  • Ki Otan To Esperio Astro
  • Aaron Copland - John Henry a Railroad Ballad for orchestra
  • Johann Strauß - "Leichtes Blut" op. 319 Schnellpolka
  • Mikis Theodorakis - Zorba The Greek (Arr. Jérome Naulai)
  • Victor Lopez - James Bond Medley
  • Klaus Badelt - Pirates Of The Caribbean
  • Johann Strauß- Radetzky-Marsch
  • John Williams- Star Wars


Friday, Aug. 19th - 9pm            
Garden of muses in the Hellenikon Idyllion Selianitika (about 100m west from the Kanelli Hotel)

Night of lyric singing and classical Greek literature in the natural environment of our garden

- Arias
- Short talk in Modern Greek
- Theatrical dialogues in Ancient Greek

Interpretations of arias from popular operas by renowned students of classic singing with piano accompaniment and under the conduct of Jagna Sokorska-Kwika, followed by a short talk about the life of the German philhellenist Frederick Thyrsou (1784-1860) held by the Hellenist professor Helmut Quack. Then there will be a final discussion of students of the “Speak and philosophize in ancient Greek) seminar on the stage.

Free entrance



Saturday, Aug. 27th – 9pm
Evening of singing and dancing with arias, tango and waltz
In the garden of muses in the Hellenikon Idyllion Selianitika, about 100m west from the Kanelli Hotel

An evening with arias from popular operas with piano accompaniment interpreted by seven renowned students of classic singing from Germany and Poland, as well as by Joustina Saproska, member of the Warsaw State Opera, under the conduct of Jagna Sokorska-Kwika, who has offered a singing seminar of the Hellenic Romanticism in our garden for 18 years. The directors of the Athens Dancing School will dance tango and waltz. The soiree will be visited and honoured by the Polish consul of Athens and an ambassador of a Greek-Polish society.

Free entrance


Joustina Saproska