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General information

A holiday and meeting center for the culturally and artistically inclined where muses, nature and spirit combine harmoniously and creatively.

Paradise = beach-garden-orchard For the eyes, palate and spirit

Hellenikon Idyllion is situated directly on the beachfront in the typically Greek village of Selianitika - one of the quaintest villages on the north-west coast of the Pelloponnes.The large (4000 m²) grounds contain beautiful flower beds, lots of roses, lots of trees, lovely vine-covered pergolas, an orchard and a vegetable garden. There are villa apartments and bungalows for individuals and families, as well as for groups of up to 100 peole - choirs, orchestras, drama troupes, school classes etc. - all are welcome!




For the eyes and palate...

For the spirit...

In the orchard there are orange, lemon, grapefruit, fig, pomegranate and olive trees. Also grape vines.
The smell of jasmine, roses and other flowers wafts on to the balconies and patios.

Cyclads are dotted around and birds build their nests in the branches of the big silver poplars, which rustle in the wind and provide welcome shade in summertime.

All through the year we offer a sophisticated cultural and artistic program which includes courses in various instruments, orchestra, chamber and choir music, singing, dancing, theatre, painting, archaeology, antique Greek philosophy and literature as well as classical and modern Greek. For rehearsals and concerts there is a grand piano (Schimmel) in a glass pavilion. Other rooms with pianos , cellos, contrabasses - even a set of drums - are also at your disposal. In the garden you will find both a covered and an open-air stage for concerts, theatre productions and dance performances. A library with journals, music and books with a cultural tenor adjoins a communal room with a television and a large fireplace for cosy winter evenings. We are happy to help you organize your concerts and performances and to combine them with excursions to classical Greek sites if you so wish.


Additionally, we offer an extra free service to all chamber music friends who wish to be independent and for whom the program is not sufficient:
Tell us which instrument you play, as a professional or as an amateur, and your free dates. We will pass on your wishes to people with the same aptitude so that a chamber music meeting can be arranged which will provide the chance for a creative cultural exchange as well as common pleasure. Naturally, we offer the same service to all friends of dancing, theatre, singing, choir, painting; friends of gardening, hiking, literature, classical and modern Greek language, philosophy and archeology. Let us know your interests, hobbies and free dates. We will try to find people of the same mind for you here.

For families with children and for individuals

All our apartments and bungalows (separate kitchen) provide cooking facilities and a fridge. Hellenikon Idyllion is a paradise for children with table tennis, lawns in the garden to play on and many hollywood swings. The stone oven parties with Greek specialities, music and dancing, the concerts, the beach and the village Selianitika at one's doorstep offer a lot of fun and a wonderful atmosphere. Aquatic sports, films in English language,taverns and restaurants with dancing are other enjoyable distractions. The tropical and citrus fruit which can be consumed directly from the trees, the grapes from the vines and the vegetables and herbs from the biological garden guarantee a tasty and healthy diet. In wintertime we offer walks and excursions -for groups and individuals- with well-prepared descriptions of routes and transfers. The central position of Selianitika makes it possible to get nearly everywhere by train, bus or ferry.

Combine recreation with nature and enjoy the relaxing and inspiring atmosphere of this cultural holiday site.

Get to know classical Greece by making day excursions to Olympia, Delphi, Ancient Corinth, Ithmia, Mycene, Epidurius and Athens and walking tours in the surrounding areas.

Price Notice:

• Lodging prices increase from Euro 90.- (increase from Euro 120.- during high season) per person/ per week in bungalows and apartments with kitchenettes
• Further reductions on special sponsored projects
Here you can find an exact description of all apartments and bungalows of Hellenikon Idyllion incl. photos -as well as for the houses outside Hellenikon Idyllion.
• Telecommunication with ISDN is now possible. There are 2 telephone lines available in each apartment. This is a special offer for all those who are long-time guests in Hellenikon Idyllion or who want to combine holidays and work.
• Staying at the "Hellenikon Idyllion" without lodging is possible but limited, with an increase of Euro 50.- per person/ per week for the use of the large and idyllic garden with its fruit, flowers, grape-vines and close proximity to the sea. This also includes the use of the rehearsal rooms and the taking part in the events of the house.

Hellenikon Idyllion and Andreas Drekis, the Founder and Manager

After finishing at the humanistic gymnasium of Egion, he studied national economy at the University of Berne in Switzerland under the supervision of Prof. Tuchtfeld. In 1968, while he was attending the course -"Ziele der Wirtschaftspolitik" (goals of business policy) he wanted to create a new science with the aim of establishing a link among all sciences. The goal of this new science was to increase the quality of life - which is not a measurable quantity. In 1990 he founded the Hellenikon Idyllion, in Selianitika, hoping that his garden close to the seaside could become the right place for people to share their spiritual and cultural experiences.

Andreas Drekis


About the Hellenikon Idyllion...

What is the Hellenikon Idyllion? There are many answers to that question: a holiday resort, a youth hostel, a leisure centre, a hotel, a skill centre, a place for exhibitions, performances and lectures, a place to practice, a music academy, a mini-university, a place for intercultural encounters. Every answer is right in a small part, but wrong in a larger part. So what is the Hellenikon Idyllion really? 

It is the realization of the lifelong dream of the founder, owner and manager Andreas Drekis. Already as a young man he realized that every human being has the same goal in life: They want to be happy. But most people are mistaken in how they want to reach this goal. They think wealth, sway and prestige can make them happy. These paths rather lead people away from happiness. More important is the education of spiritual and intellectual abilities. The one who is open for beauty and harmony in the world, the one who is able to muse about the former scholars and philosophers, the one for whom the world becomes transparent for the divine will easier find to the true and unceasing spring of happiness. 

Therefore Andreas Drekis invites us to come to the Hellenikon Idyllion, amongst an idyllic huge garden at the sea, like-minded people from all over the world, families, single travellers and creative groups, who all long for the same goal. The emphasis is on music and the recollection of the ancient Greek times’ treasures. The Hellenikon Idyllion offers suitable premises for rehearsals of singers and musicians of every kind, choirs and orchestras. The owner also arranges good opportunities for them to perform in public and therefore open the world of the muses to other people. Once a year a course, which is unique in the whole world, takes place, where young people from all over the world bring the language of the ancient Greeks back to life and freshly think about their pronounced views. All these groups and courses make an effort to enable intercultural friendship and mutual understanding. 

Aren’t there other institutions with the same goals and results? The one that has been to the Hellenikon Idyllion for a while will say: No, definitely not! The Hellenikon Idyllion only exists in Selianitika and only in the person of Andreas Drekis.

Helmut Quack
Ancient Greek teacher at the Husum-Gymnasium
(guest and course instructor in the Hellenikon Idyllion for many years)