Program 2012

May: Oneiron Chorotheama

Werner Schulze, professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, member of jury of all the competitions organized by the Hellenikon Idyllion, will be with us again from the 23th until the 28th of May. The first performance in Europe of his new Tanztheater Oneiron Chorotheama (Danc of Dreams) will take place at the Hellenikon Idyllion, further performances are planned. The performers are from Indonesia: The theatre dance group ‘Teater Tetas’ from Jakarta will start with nine members their tour of Europe 2012 in the "Garden of the Muses".




Tour dates of the Oneiron Chorotheama:

25.05.2012, 21:00 at the Apollon Theatre in Patras
26.05.2012, 21:00 in the Sports hall in the City Derveni near Korinth
27.05.2012, 21:00 in the garden of Muses in Hellenikon Idyllion in Selianitika..folowed receiving with indonesian specialties

The Flyer of Oneiron Chorotheama (Indonesian: MIMPI) as Download.

1 July - 1 September: Masterclass for Singing

Already the 19th year with Jagna Sokorska Kwika, including four aria-evenings.

Jagna Sokorska Kwika, professor at University of Essen (DE)
Tel/Fax: +49 (0)2098 38 87
Mail: Kwika@
Web page

9 - 15 July: The Youth Symphony Orchestra Mittleres Rheintal, Austria

Conductor: Markus Pferscher
More information about the program and the repertoire coming soon
To learn more about the Youth Symphony Orchestra from Austria: web page

AND: The Youth Orchestra Wil, Switzerland

Conductor: Martin Baur
More information about the program and the repertoire coming soon.
To learn more about the Youth Orchestra from Switzerland: web page


22 - 29 July: Leipzig Youth Symphony Orchestra

The famous Leipzig Youth Symphony Orchestra from the school of music in Leipzig will stay with us for the third time this year.
Conductor: Ron-Dirk-Entleutner
More information about the program and the repertoire coming soon.
The Youth Symphony Orchestra Facebook.

Jugendorchester Leipzig

29 July - 12 August: Speaking and Philosophizing in Classical Greek

The course celebrates its twentieth anniversary! More informations can be found here.

Projects funded by Hellenikon Idyllion 2012 -2013

1) International competition Agon Armonias 2012 for pupils and adults

We are happy to announce our international competition Agon Armonias 2012, which has already succesfully been held last year. This year we invite both pupils as well as adults to participate in our exciting and innovating competition. The aim of the competition consists in promoting the Ancient greek literature and philosophy through poetry and composition. You will find a detailed description of our competition here. The submissions are to be sent in until Mai, the 31st 2012. You can find the award-winning poems and the compositions of the Agon Armonias 2011 here.

2) Music-cultural spring

Do you like singing or playing an instrument? Or maybe your friends or children do? In that case we would like to invite you to spend 1-4 weeks at special rates at the Hellenikon Idyllion between the 24th of March and the 24th of May. Experiencing the awakening of spring at the Hellenikon Idyllion is a unique experience, especially when combined with a music-cultural get-together. More information here.

3) Project for orchestras/choirs

We offer free accommodation to orchestras and choirs for 2-3 weeks (for up to 75 people), who are interested in performing one of the prize-awarded operas "Helike Athanatos". Thus, they will have the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform the opera directly in Greece.
You will find more information about this project here
If you are interested in our innovating project or if you have further questions, don`t hesitate to contact us:

4) Project for school classes

We offer free accommodation for 1 week to school classes that are interested in performing the libretto of the opera "Helike Athanatos" - in an abridged and edited version for pupils - during their stay here at the Hellenikon Idyllion. You can find more information about this project here .
If you are interested in our innovating project or if you have further questions, don`t hesitate to contact us:

5) New project for students of archeaology

Our new project addresses students of archeaology. We offer free accommodation to a group of 3-5 students for 2-3 weeks, who are motivated to construct a clay oven/ an oil press/ a kiln with a potter`s wheel in our garden during their stay at the Hellenikon Idyllion. Here, you can find a detailed description of our highly interesting project.
In addition, for those interested there is the possibility to participate during the months of July and August in the excavations conducted under the direction of Prof. Dora Katsonopoulou at the site of ancient Helike, the capital of ancient Achaea, located about 12 km east of the Hellenikon Idyllion.  For more information, see