From our guestbook

August 2013

I really enjoyed Hellenikon Idyllion because it gives a great place to nature, culture, art, antient Greek and overall humanity. Thank you for this greatful and peaceful time I hab in this place.

Dear Andreas,
it’s the third year we enjoyed Idyllion. Beautiful place, beautiful people, happiness for all of us. This place made my dream come true J . I could organize a home office here and almost 60 days Idyllion’s balcony was an international office.
Good luck and see you next year!
Natatiya Smirnova, Nadezda Smirnova

August 2011
From Russia with love
Dear Andreas!
Thank you very much for this piece of paradise you created. We really appreciated every minute we spent here.
Your idea is brilliant and we were lucky to find this beautiful place
Yours Elena

July - August 2010
Dear Andreas, You have chosen the right name for your complex. We enjoyed the Greek atmosphere and the idyllic aura very much. Thanks a lot for your help in all situations and at every time, thanks for the perfect organization and the exceptional locations, where wonderful concerts took place, and your engagement. We wish you much energy and creativity! We would like to return one day!!
Ursula Bischof Jugendkammerorchester of Purchheim

Dear Andreas, For the third time – after 2002 and2004- we were your guest at Hellenikon Idyllion with the choir, orchestra and drama club of our Eberhard-Ludwig Gymnasium in Stuttgart. We got really inspired by the Greek muses for the project of our choir at the end of the term. Thanks for your exceptional hospitality. All the best!!
Ebelu choir – orchestra – drama club in Stuttgart

Dear Andreas, Thanks for the accommodation at your wonderful place! You helped us a lot organizing excursions on site. As it is situated directly at the sea, we felt very comfortable at Hellenikon Idyllion. We could have some nice naps in the great garden swings, which wouldn`t be possible at home. This was perfect to recharge our batteries for the concerts, in whose realization you aid us very well. Thanks a lot for the great time we could experience here. We will always remember our wonderful stay in Selianitika!!
Carl, Ursel, Maria, David, Johannes, Jonas, Karl, Paul, Gabriel, Cecilia, Jakob, Timon, Sarah, Konstantin and Paul

Our guest from 2nd to 12nd Septembre 2005 entry of the orchestra "Bavarian Classics"
Dear Andreas, After we all arrived at home, I want thanking you and your team in the name of the whole ensemble and our head Hans Walter Kämpfel for your fine organisation our 4 concerts and for the beautiful days in the garden of Idyllion. Theatre in Korinth, Temple of Apollo in Argos, Latin Theatre Patras, American College Athen. Our serenade by Mozart, which was supported by pianist Marios Kazas, gave us frenetic applause. In the focus of the serenade was premier of ode by Sappho to Aphrodite for coloratura soprano and clarinet solo. It was composed by Spiros Mazis specially for Bavarian Classics, which means to us a challenge and a big enrichment. The rain in Argos didn't put us in bad manor. The best concert after perfekt organisation by the presenter was in the concert hall of the American College in Athen - and we also thank for the fine service. You have to experience a concert in the Ancient Theatre in Patras. It was a clou. We thank your staff and trainees, who helped us with organisation and execution and carrying our instruments and technical preproduction. The 10 trainees, who come along with us, were very helpfully and completely engaged. Unfortunately, we couldn't invite all trainees. With best wishes and friendly greetings
Elfriede Artinger Bavarian Classics

Entry of the orchestra of "Freien Waldorfschule Schopfheim" on 16th Septembre 2005
We came to Hellas from the rainy mountains There, where snow is glowing and just slightly the rays of the sun is shinning. Idyllion: lieu of muses for arty guests. In memory of days with music and art:
the Orchestra of "Freien Waldorfschule" from Schopfheim in south of the Black Forest

10 days of music of the Studenten-Symphonie-Orchester Marburg in the garden of paradise "Hellenikon Idyllion" under the conduction of Alois Springer. Alois Springer about the stay of the SSO Marburg:
"It is seldom when dreams come true and stay dreams yet. One of my dreams was to make music in nature and in the daily life in a community of like-minded people, and to experience it in a symbiose of sun, water, air and movement, free of conventional constraints, as individual person, in chamber music groups and in the big sound of a symphonique orchestra of 60 musicians. Andreas Drekis, founder and director of "Hellenikon Idyllion", gave me and the Studenten-Symphonie-Orchester Marburg the unique chance to fulfill this dream, not only during 10 days, but also with the prospect of having found a home in Greece at this special place on earth "Hellenikon Idyllion". In this spirit, I rest grateful connected to "Hellenikon Idyllion" .

June-July 2003
Dear Andreas, lots of people are looking for the paradise on earth.We found it at your Hellenikon Idyllion.We spent wonderful holidays in your garden, which shined in a beautiful flowerage, because even the flowers notice Andreas' positive charisma.The accommodation complies the human's need for calmnes.However, at the Hellenikon Idyllion one must experience and enjoy the time in the garden! Your way of live is unique.Therefore, there are some people who first have to get used to it. But who recognizes what you want to give to your fellow men, will go back to his daily life with a heart filled with poetry and warmness. We wish you all the best and thank you for your hospitality. With our best wishes
Anita and Rudi

Dear Andreas, it was a wonderful feeling to have a look at the websites of your Hompeage It was like a spotaneous suprising coming home.Even after many years everything is still up to date, nearly touchable. Hellenikon Idyllion and you, dear Andreas will always remain in pleasing, amicable rememberance. You taught us that not everything has to be perfect to start with,that a impossible things can become possible and that clemency and harmony are important factors in life. Each holiday gave us a small rememberance for our life in Germany (c.f. pictures). A little Fig from a tree near to the ancient convent, a yellow Agave from the little lonely Island and a trumpet flower from the hedge right to your neighbour garden.Staying,growing souvenirs. Congratulations that the dream of your life is on its way to come true . We admire your Idealism and wish you furthermore lots of success. Greetings from
Rolf + Renate Bay

E-Mail from the conductor of the" Chors der Musikfreunde von Markdor" at the Bodensee, who was in Hellenikon Idyllion from June 5th until June 16th:
Dear Andreas, finally I would like to tell you , that we have arrived well at the Bodensee. I would like to thank you for those wonderful days at the Hellenikon,it was absolutely wonderful!We are all very very happy that we've done this trip because we really enjoyed staying at your house. The next two weeks are going to be very exhausting as we have lots of rehersals for Haydn's" die Schoepfung" I'll stay in touch with you With my best wishes,
Uli Vollmer

Farewell greetings from Hellenikon Idyllion,decembre 1st,2002
Like a famous writer said: "If you go to Greece, you always go home!" And this time we especially felt home at your place - in your beautiful "Hellenikon Idyllion",a place which is still not famous enough in spite of advertising. An oasis of peace,calmness and hostiatility. Additionally-and that is especially important because it is hardly possible in Greece- :You can make holidays even in the time between novembre and april. We tried it and were absloutely happy with it. For Andreas, guest are always welcome. It is a great present to enjoy the sun, the sea and the wonderful nature during this time.And if it is getting cold, Andreas has got a good heater.Therefore, it is always warm and conformatble at his place.. Finally there is something else which is important for real friends of Greece: Here you live in a original Greek athmosphere!! Dear Andreas,we thank you for the wonderful time that we spent at your Hellenikon Idyllion and for your hostiatility. We wish you and your creative plans God's blessing,lots of success and lots of luck! Stay healthy,
Günter and Hannelore Pohl

Hannover, 15. 7. 2001:
Dear Mr Drekis, Your vison to bring people together,who share their passion for culture, especially for music is fullfilled in your garden,a unique paradise under the greek sun and next to the sea.The dream to play on a well-tuned piano right after swimming in the sea finally came true.Loud chirping of the crickets made Forte possible,and the calm in the night an Adagio in pianissimo. Under high Oleanderhedges, the heat of the day and the seducing smell of yasmin made us gently fall asleep on the swing hammock ... Thanks a lot for your hostiatiliy,
Ratjen family

January 2001: "The taste of fresh orange juice on the tongue The first sunbeams in our hearts Pleasant souvenirs of cooking and eating together and a nice New Year's celebration at the port... ...and lots of other things in mind we relaxed go back."
Thomas, Dagmar and Yannie

Octobre 2000 "Dear Andreas,the weeks in your Idyll have been an enriching and really nice time for me .I enjoyed the atmosphere of your house the wonderful garden and the sight at the Golf. Keeping in mind these things and the interesting discussions, I hope to come back soon."
Ulrike Jessel

28.7. - 19. 8 . 1999: "Holidays in Greece in August together with 2 Babies?Lots of people thought we were crazy, but it is really possible in Selianitika: The big shady garden doesn't only offer lots of possibilities to musicans but also to babies. Daniel and Dominik (10 months) had a lot of fun by crawling on the stage or having a bath under the orange tree or in the sea.Beside looking after our children we also had enough time to go swimming, composing or reading.We really enjoyed the warmth and the beautiful garden."
Christine and Michael Bender, Daniel and Dominik Bender,Ravensburg

Selianitika, February 28th, 1998: "Even in February you can find a lot of calmness enough warmness strahlenden Sonnenschein to spend the whole day enjoying the wonderful weather and the idyllic athmosphere. Evaluation: Recommended!Thank you for making this time possible for us, Andreas!." Uta, Anjou and Anne

August 1998: "Here we have found the most beautiful garden,the cleanest water and an enthusiastic auudience for our concerts!" Prof. Milena Molowa (piano) und Evelina Dimowa (vionline)

July 1996: "To make music with the new piano in this stimmungsvollen envoirement was a great pleasure and was an unique experience."
Constanze Ziemann, - winner in the category piano in the competition "Jugend musiziert" -

In Septembre 1980: "What we really appreciated here : - the warm water,where our childrean could go swimming,the sunny,warm weather, the fact that we were nearly alone in the bungalows and at the beach the hostiatiliy in the mountains, the Greek food in the pubs and from the supermarkets and cafes."
Barbara and Johannes, Monika and Ludwig Fischer

Selianitika, October 4th ,1980: "We spend wonderful days here by having a bath, doing windsurfing and hiking. We also visited the monuments of the ancient Greeks.We enjoyed the idyllic living in the garden of Eden and thank Mr Drekis for the offered care. We are keen to come again."
Max and Christine Mariam with Sabine and Claire

August 11th- 21. Sept. 1979: "That have been wonderful holidays!We arrived as strangers and go back as friends."
Oliver, Jochen, Sigrid and Patricia Haas See you soon !

August 20th - 3. Sept. 1979: "Now,we know: Greece is a country which is worthy to be visited.We visited a lot, but not everything in the 2 weeks here.This is a reason to come back."
Ilse, Werner, Eckhart, Alexandra and Martina Haehnle from Stuttgart

June 25th - July 16th, 1977: "We spend wonderful days on this beautiful part of Greece :Sea,sun,garden...we also had exhausting days such as the trips to the classic sights of Greece:Athens Mykene,Tiryns,Olympia, Delphi... souvenirs of former trips rised became new.In short: Real holidays for each of us especially for the kids."
Josef + Inge Bornhorst with Christian + Fabian

"With our choir we experienced a wonderful week of music,joy and der Erholung at Andreas Dreki's paradise."
Rheinischer children- and youth choir, Bonn

"In this beautiful landscape we spend idyllic days with making music giving concerst and interesting trips in die Antike ." Kammerorchester der Musikschule Ammerland

"To make music in the middle of a wonderful landscape and a beautiful garden enriched the history of our group with a lof of great experiences!"
Kammerorchestergruppe des Deutschen Ärzteorchesters

"We had unforgetable days with music right at the sea in this idyllic paradise"
Akkordeonspielgemeinschaft Charlottenburg, Berlin

"Under the Greek sund and in the middle of this real Idyll of "Hellenikon Idyllion" it was not difficult for us to be kissed by the muse."
Chor des Goethe-Gymnasiums

Some"prodigies", who were our guests during the last years:
Sophie MoseSophi Moser 1st federal prize winnder for vionlien at the competition"Jugend musiziert"
Vagelis Varvaressos 1st prize winner of the international competition "Petit Mozart" in Monaco
Werner von Schnitzler, 1st federal prize winner of the competiton "Jugend musiziert"

Orchestras, Choirs and schoolclasses that have been our guests within the last years

Knabenmusik Meersburg
Sinfonische Blasorchester der Jugendmusikschule Singen und das Streichensemble Stringendo
Chor- und Konzertverein Internationales Opernstudio Meran 3rd time
Studenten-Sinfonie-Orchester Marburg
Jugend - Jazz - Orchester NRW-2nd time
Jugendsinfonoorchester der Musikschule Zürich
Santa Maria Streichorchester, Luzern
Ostschweizerkammerorchester-2nd time
Chor der Friedenskirche Radebeul
Jugend- und Gospelchor, Seesen -2nd time
Blasorchesterder Realschulen Landsberg und Marktheidenfeld
Das Panflötenorchester aus Bern
Musikschule mittleres Rheintal Jugendsimphonieorchester/ Österreich
Chorjugend aus Hirschaid -2nd time
Chorus Cantate Domino (Bonner Münster)
Bavarian Classics Symphonieorchester-2nd time
Metropolitan String Quartet aus Washington
Chor der Musikfreunde Markdorf
L´Orchestre de Jeunes Strasbourg
Schulorchester des Christian-Ernst-Gymnasiums Erlangen-2nd time
Chorus Urbanus from Victoria, Gozo Malta
Chor und Orchester des Herford Gymnasiums
Die Rottweiler Münstersängerknaben- 2nd time
Big Band und das Orchester aus Walgau/ Österreich
Das Jungendblasorchester aus Frankfurt /Deutschland - 2nd time
Das Jungenblasorchester aus Bremerhaven/Deutschland
Fürther Streichhölzer/Deutschland - 2nd time
Jugendsinfonieorchester der Landeskreismusikschule Leipzig-2nd time
siehe Pressebericht "Konzertreise nach Griechenland"
Jugendsinfonieorchester des Böblinger Gymnasiums -2nd time
-Jugendsinfonieorchester Schleswig Holstein - zum 3rd time
Gospelchor aus Zürich/Schweiz - 2nd time
Heidelberger Gymnasium/Deutschland - 6th(!!!) time
Gymnasium Dom in Freising/Deutschland - 3rd time
Widikon Gymnasium, Schweiz-2nd time
Chor des Gera Gymnasiums - 3rd time
Freie Waldorf Schule Oldenburg
Rudolf Steiner Schule Lund, Schweden
Rudolf Steiner-Schule Lüneburg/Deutschland
Waldorfschule Frankenthal/Deutschland
Opera Company Cappella dei Grilli von Burg /Schweiz
Wood & Metal Connection Orchester/ Schweiz
Herforder Zupforchester/Deutschland
Mandolinenorchestra de Bigore/ France-2nd
Musicalchor von Ravensburg/ Deutschland
Fränkische Bläservereinigung/ Deutschland
Kantorei Maulbronn/ Deutschland
Rudolf Steiner Schule Sihlau, Adliswil /Schweiz 2nd time
Junges Symphonieorchester Hohenems/ Österreich
Theresianum Ingenbohl/Schweiz- Drei Länder Treffen