Program 2010

10th - 17th Oktober 2010

The Singiing Academy Niedersachsen with orchestra and choir with 130 members for the performance of the "Canto General" by Mikis Theodorakis

Conducter Claus Ulrich Heinke

(120 choristers), percussion ensemble "Schlagwerk Total Braunschweig", folklore-ensemble "Lukomorje" from Gelendijk (Russia-Black Sea), pianoduo Ole and Rainer Abraham, Bettina Weichert and José V. López de Vergara - Solo. Maestro Claus-Ulrich Heinke is conducting. The tour will be sponsored by the German foreign minister in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.


German Ensemble honours Mikis Theodorakis in Greece



Solo Heidrun Heinke und José V. López de Vergara
Choir Big Choir of the "SingAkademie –Niedersachsen" (110 singers)
Ensemble "Schlagwerk Total Braunschweig"
Mine Feldkamp, Momme Feldkamp, Kai Altendorf, Johannes Oertelt, Bernd Löffler, Ann-Kristin Altendorf
Ensemble "Lukomorje" – Gelendijk (Russia)
Olga Famin-Voice and percussion
Alexander Famin-Bassbalalaika
Marina Zamula-Dobra
Wladimir Zamula-Cajun Akkordeon
Piano "The Abrahamduo" Ole & Rainer Abraham
Maestro Claus-Ulrich Heinke


La United Fruit Co.
Algunas Bestias
Voy a Vivir
Los Libertadores
Overture to "Quarter of angel - I Gitonia ton Angelon" -" (Ensemble "Lukomorje")
Amor America
America Insurrecta

The following concerts have already been organised

October 13rd in the conference hall of the University of Patras at 8:30 pm

October 16th in the sport hall of the city Derveni near Corinth at 8:30 pm Andreas Drekis translates Mikis Theodorakis' speech in front of more than 1000 spectators