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In the North
In the East
In the South
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In the North

  • Delphi and the ancient grotto Kyrikeion Andron, where the Greek gods were worshiped and the Byzantine convent Ossios Lukas
  • Walk on the Trisonia island in the gulf of Korinth, motor- and sailingboat-trips
  • Pittoresque small town Galaxidi (archeological museum, Mykenic graveyard, old church, harbour, ...), Nafpaktos (harbour, castle, wall, ...)
  • Ancient theatre of Oiniades with summer-festival of greek tragedies
  • Meteora-monasteries on the rocks

Hiking in the region

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In the East

  • Old Korinth, Mykene, Tyrins, Epidauros two ancient theatres with summer-festivals
  • Ancient theatres of: Aigeira, Sikyon, Argos, Epidaurus (great and small), ancient Korinth, Heraion
  • Temple, Isthmia, Tyrins, Mykene Megara , Eleufsis, Athen -Akropolis and National Museum
  • Ancient Egeira theatre
  • Small temple of Gaion-Xoanon with its cupola

Walking through the ruins of the ancient City Keryneia

The 2500 years old track to the ancient Kerzneia and its theatre - an inimitable and wonderfull hike

Tarn Tsivlos and bathing in a small river nearby

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In the South

  • Unusual adventures in nature in the province of Achaia
  • Ancient Argos
  • Theatre, Sparta (museum and ancient theatre)
  • Byzantinic town Mystra and ancient theatre of Megalopolis -very close the mediaeval city Monemvasia and Diros grotto by boat-island Hydra

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In the West

  • Ancient Theatre in Ilis, Olympia, Temple in Basai
  • Old wine cellar in Achaia-Clauss & Mykenic graves
  • Walk in a biotop in Kato-Achaia
  • Patras (museum, ancient theatre, castle, St. Andrew-church, harbour, ...) 
  • Visite of festivals and other performances (big carneval in winter) 
  • Island Zakynthos
  • Ancient sights Ithomi and Messini, island Kefalonia and Ithaka 
  • Kalamata, ancient palais of Nestor,

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